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Jereh Large-size CT Unit Reaches Operation Depth-5,974m

2011-03-01 Compartir por correo Imprimir esta página
On January 22nd 2011, Jereh LGT450 large-size coiled tubing unit successfully reached the horizontal section at a depth of 5,974m in Donghe 20-4H well in Tarim oilfield, Xinjiang in northwest China. This is the first application of the large-size, long-length and high-strength coiled tubing acidizing operation carried out in Tarim oilfield. The success is of great importance to distribute acid equally, do acidization at the specified point, release the oil layer and improve production during the testing period of the high temperature, high sulphide well.

Another record Jereh was set after a CT unit successfully completed a coiled tubing acidizing operation in Xinken-7 well in Tarim Oilfield on July 12th , 2010. This proves that Jereh coiled tubing units can perform successfully and reliably in the harsh oilfield environment.

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Noticias de Jereh
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