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Jereh Group makes an accumulative donation ofmore than RMB 557,900.00 for Sichuan earthquake disastrous

2008-05-19 Compartir por correo Imprimir esta página
An 8.0 earthquake broke out on May 12th in Wenchuan, Sichuan. It is infrequency in the past 30 years to have so strong and wide earthquake. The sudden disaster brought a lot of loss to Wenchuan People. When the news about the strong earthquake in Wenchuan Sichuan comes,Jereh Group Immediately decided to donate RMB 500,000.00 to disaster area for emergency aid and Reconstruction Work after Earthquake.The earthquake disaster touches upon the heart of every Jereh people and all of them make donation actively to support the disaster area people. Some employee not only pay for victim themselves but also make donation on behalf of their family members,Some employee are out of office on business or holiday ,they instruct their colleagues to make donation on their behalf.Some employee get this news after the donation active is finished,they still insist on asking for our service department to help them make the donation. Furthermore ,some employee added their donation amount after they know the serious of the disaster furtherly.The new comers who joint in Jereh Group only several days are influenced by this atmosphere and also make donation .Up to noon of May.16,More than 400 Jereh employee have donated RMB 57,975.30 .Jereh Group are filled with true love to people in disaster area. The donation and humaneness from Jereh Group are forwarded to disaster area rapidly by China Charity Federation . Let us mourn over the dead, pray for the wounded, and bless the living !! Let wish the reconstruction in disaster area could be finished as early as possible.
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