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Jereh Equipment Launches 2009 Quality Month Activities

2009-09-08 Compartir por correo Imprimir esta página

In September 2009, Yantai Jereh Petroleum & Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. officially launches its annual Quality Month activities, the theme of this year's Quality Month activities is "Quality Management, Full Participation, Quality Improvement, Perseverance", which is an effective measure to further improve product quality and strengthen quality goods awareness following Jereh Equipment 2008 "Quality Builds Brand, Brand Builds Enterprise".

There are two bright spots in this year's Quality Month activities: First is Full Participation. All departments and positions will push the improvement and optimization of objects and management process, designed to fully realize the company's 2009 annual management theme "Full Participation in Quality Management and Cost Management" and to enhance awareness of full participation in quality management. Second is Perseverance. Quality Improvement is the company's eternal theme, this Quality Month activities are designed to strengthen the staff's quality awareness, and make the quality awareness root in each employees' hearts and transform into active and conscious action. In order to achieve the purpose of full participation, Equipment Company's all departments and positions have proposed problems to be improved and measures to solve them according to their actual work, and formulated a detailed and specific implementation plans for improvement. The company has also specially set up its activities group for this, to inspect and supervise the time nodes in improvement plans weekly, and to evaluate timely of the fruits achieved in the Quality Month activities, and to check and inspirit timely, and to solidify the fruits achieved in the Quality Month activities.

Quality advance is not an overnight thing, which needs long-term quality improvement and advance with the determination and perseverance of "A Little Bit of Progress Every Day". Yantai Jereh Petroleum & Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. will regard the Quality Month activities as an opportunity to strengthen each employees' quality goods awareness and quality awareness, so that the competitiveness of the company's products can be improved continuously in the background of today's economic crisis, and to manufacture more excellent equipments for oil equipment industry.

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