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Jereh Group Organized a Technical Training and Conference of Open-pit Mine Equipment

2010-01-28 Compartir por correo Imprimir esta página

On Jan. 18 to 26, 2010, Jereh Group organized a technical training and conference of open-pit mine equipment. Technical chief engineers and managers from China's major open-pit mine participated in the training and conference. Jereh’s several business divisions such as Jereh Industry & Mine Division, Jereh Machinery and Equipment Division, Jereh Maintenance and After-sales Service Department sent experienced trainers, and also Jereh Group invited foreign professional engineers from distributed OEM such as TIMKEN, J & J, FMA's to participate in the direct communication with the end users in China.

The content of this training and conference was more focused on the troubleshooting solutions to the phenomenon of prone to failure and difficult to resolve on major open-pit mine equipment, the cases picked by Jereh’s sales teams and technical engineers and the trainers’ explanation of profound things in a simple way upgraded effectively the trainees’ professional level, while the training process, Jereh’s cultural philosophy and Jereh’s attitude to behave sincerely and to work professionally won the trainees’ high praise.

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